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Article: Ingredients Used In Clean Beauty

Ingredients Used In Clean Beauty

Ingredients Used In Clean Beauty

Look into your makeup bag – all the pallets, foundation bottles, etc.! Did you know some of that is made with animal leftover?I know… SO NASTY!😖 You have been putting that on your face and unfortunately your lips! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! I cannot go on. You NEED to switch to cleaner products. 

Understanding what is healthy and effective for your skin is so important. It can be hard when you are just starting off into clean beauty so I am here to give you the simple guide to what ingredients to look for and why! 

Ingredient #1: Niacinamide🧪

  • You may know this already from your skincare routine but what if it was infused in your makeup? WOW right?Same girl same! Well it is many times. Brands like Gush beauty implement such serums into their products (i.e. Gush Glow Getter) which helps minimize pores while also protecting your skin. All this while you’re simply wearing makeup…sign me up asap!

Ingredient #2: Vitamin E 🛁

  • This is also an excellent ingredient to have in your makeup because as you may know this is extremely hydrating for your skin🛁. I mean I don’t know about you but I would love to have vitamin E on my face all day while I have my makeup on! This ingredient makes sure your skin stays nourished and smooth! Skin goals if you ask me!

Ingredient #3: Avocado Oil 🥑

  • Speaking of putting healthy products on your face, avocado oil! This is such a good product for healing the skin, vitamin E booster which makes it extraaa nourishing! Clean beauty products really do the most for you! Are you kind of seeing how your makeup right now is so not it?


Ingredient #4: Hyaluronic Acid 🧬

  • There is simply no way you can go wrong with this! Imagine this already implemented into your beauty products! Sooo soo good! I do not even need to explain! 

Ingredient #5: Aloe Vera 🌿

  • Aloe vera is known to be an ideal ingredient on its own so why not have it in your makeup? It will make sure to take care of your skin and keep it protected! 

Ingredient #6: Vitamin C 🍊

  • I know all vitamins are essential but vitamin C in a product is a grea sign! You already know it is great for brightening. Having this in you clean beauty products is like a dream! You can see brands like Kiro beauty use ingredients like this in their products along with other critical key ingredients. 

The list can go on and on but your current makeup products cannot! CUT IT OFF SIS! You need to make this switch to clean beauty STAT! There are many brands in India who produce exceptionally clean products that are so healthy for your skin! I love to know that when I put on makeup, I wont have to deal with any breakouts later or negative aftermath. Rather, I am simply extending my skincare routine when using clean beauty products! 


Team Gush

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