Best cruelty-free brands in India

Best cruelty-free brands in India

Fam, let’s talk about the trend that’s going viral. Whether it’s the front page of cosmopolitan or the feed of your favourite celebrity, everyone has been raving about it. 

The word is out! Cruelty-free cosmetics are on the table. Shove away those nasty cosmetic brands that still test their products on animals.

Yes. You heard that right. There are brands that still test their products on animals in 2022. The tea is hot, sis!

Unlike the bizarre things that blow up on social media like the infamous detergent pod challenge ( If you don’t know what that is, lowkey, you’re one of the chosen ones), influencers, activists and celebrities coming together to start a conversation around cruelty-free cosmetic brands is a truly iconic moment. A trend we stan.

Not only does it mean that your choice will make a difference in protecting animals, but it also means that your skin can now breathe. No cap.

Do you wish to switch but don’t know where to start? Here are a few Desi companies to consider:

  1. Kay Beauty: Kay Beauty was created by our home Diva Katrina Kaif! Every Kay Beauty product is cruelty-free, vegan and dermatologically tested. Something to genuinely simp over!

  2. Disguise Cosmetics: This homegrown brand was founded by three scientists with years of experience in personal care and cosmetics. A total vibe check! Each of their product is cruelty-free, lead and toxin-free with an intention to celebrate the beauty of every individual in the country.

  3. Plum: Plum is a PETA approved vegan and cruelty-free brand. So, get your hands on products that are good for your skin with India’s first 100% vegan brand. That hits different, doesn’t it?

  4. The Mom’s Co: With a mission to help moms make safe choices for themselves and their families, The Mom’s Co. developed a range of products that are 100% toxin-free and cruelty-free. A company that reminds you of home? Can’t get better than that. Period.
  5. Gush Beauty: If you want to opt for makeup that brings joy without the hassle of long routines and spillage, Gush beauty is the brand for you. With products that are cruelty-free, vegan and clean, get snatched queen!

    So let's be mindful of our furry friends! 

Happy Gushing!!!



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