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Article: In Conversation with Anjini Dhawan

In Conversation with Anjini Dhawan
anjini dhawan

In Conversation with Anjini Dhawan

Anjini Dhawan, a rising star in acting, social media trendsetter and our co-anchor for our #BetterInDuos campaign dishes her beauty deets and detests in this blog.

Where does your passion for makeup and beauty come from?

Honestly, it is super cliché but ever since I was young I was obsessed with all things makeup. I would beg my mom to let me try her products, and make a mess but that was the fun of it!

I only started wearing makeup during my last years of school and those are pictures I never want to see again, that time everyone had intense eyeliner and I had no idea how to blend my eyeshadow.

Which products are always in your bag?

Obviously my GushxAnjini lip combo is a staple and I love sharing it with my friends, and then it would be blush and highlighter so I usually just carry the Stacked in Your Favour palette because it is so portable and the mirror is a lifesaver!

Low Key or Bring the Drama?

My makeup has become suuuuper low key, I am living for that no makeup makeup look trend. I love when people literally do not think I am wearing anything and I’ve just woken up like this.

Which part of your makeup routine takes the longest?

Lips. I am obsessed with getting the perfect pouty lip while still looking naturally glam. It took me super long to find my best lipstick shades, but it is also my favourite part of my routine!

What is one makeup trend you cannot get onboard with?

It would probably be super dark smudgy kajal, honestly I tried it and it just is not for me. I prefer pink, pastel tones for makeup!

Tell us a little more about the collab

I loved the process and I looooved recreating my lipstick look. Choosing the packaging, photoshoots and trying the products were my fav parts and I am so happy with the outcome.

I also feel like this is such an unique way to celebrate Valentines, or Galentines Day with the people closest to you, you can share a lipstick, twin and look super flawless together.

The #BetterInDuos lip combo consisting of a matte, flawless, and non drying mauve pink lipstick called Troy and a sparkly, plumping gloss called Jini is the dreamiest Galentine’s Day gift for you and your bestie. Add to your cart and rip it, lip it, loooove it!

Happy Gushing!!!

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