Foolproof Guide to Makeup Layering

Foolproof Guide to Makeup Layering


Primer after sunscreen? Foundation before concealer? Eyes before base? The order in which makeup is applied is debatable and varies from artist to artist.

But fret no more, we’re gonna be decoding the general order of applying makeup. As a rule of thumb, makeup is always applied after completing your skincare routine. So, to answer your first question, sunscreen is always used before primer (or any makeup product for that matter) as it is the last step of your skincare routine.

Check out a step-by-step guide to put on makeup and have you looking flawless-

Step 1.                Primer

Primer is used directly after your skincare. It creates a barrier between the skin and makeup. It smoothes out the skin and preps it for makeup. Try Gush Beauty Glow Getter for that glow-from-within look.

Step 2.                Colour Corrector

A corrector is applied after the primer on only the areas which need correction.

Step 3.                Foundation

Yes, foundation first. If you are confused why we did not use a concealer first, read on. A foundation acts as a foundation (no pun intended). Choose a formula that suits your skin type and gives you the desired coverage. Gushing tip- If you have even skin and want to use the bare minimum products, you can entirely skip foundation and just go in with concealer on spots that need coverage.


Step 4.                Concealer

We recommend using concealer after foundation to avoid using more product than necessary and stop making skin from appearing cakey. Dab on a little product on the areas that need more coverage like under eyes, blemishes etc.

Step 5.                Contour, Blush, Highlighter

Try contouring for a chiselled look. Apply blush to add that pop of colour. Finally go in for the highlighter to glow like a goddess! You can use cream and/or powder formulas. If you are using both layer cream formulas under powder ones.  Go for our Gush Beauty Stacked in your Favour face palette.


Step 6.                Eyeshadow, Liner, Mascara

Go in with eyeshadow first, then liner and finally add drama to your look with going in with mascara. Mascara coated lashes can come in the way of applying liner so always use mascara in the end. 


Step 7.                Eyebrows

Shape and fill in the eyebrows depending on the intensity of the look. if you’re god’s favourite child and blessed with thick brows (we might just be a lil jealous) you can entirely skip this step.

Gushing tip- Step 5,6 and 7 can be used interchangeably depending on what suits you best.

Step 8.                Lips

Lipstick is always the last step of your makeup whether you’re going for a tinted gloss or a full-on liner and lipstick look. You can always reapply lipstick as and when it wears off. But, to save yourself the effort, go for Gush Beauty Lip Paints. They are long wearing, ultra-comfortable, matte lipsticks.

Step 9.                Powder/ Setting Spray

You can use either or both the products for a no budge makeup look. If you’re using both, go in with powder first and then spray.


Now that you know the right order of things, grab your makeup kits and get to work!

Article by Ananya Jain


Team Gush


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