How to choose a nail shape that suits you

How to choose a nail shape that suits you

 A foundation for your manicure, the nail shape gives the perfect finishing touch to your fabulous fingers. From elongating short fingers to accentuating the look of your manicure, nail shapes do it all and you shouldn’t overlook its importance. We’ll be like a good bff and help you find the perfect match!

To flaunt those tips, you need to start by figuring out the shape of your cuticle and nail bed. Simply start by pushing back your cuticles using a cuticle pusher tool. Gushing tip- Dip your fingers in warm water before starting to push back the cuticles to ease out the process. By doing this, you will be able to figure out the shape of your nail bed, how long or short, wide or narrow it is.

For you to now decide on the most flattering nail shape for you, let’s have a look at the different nail shapes that you can choose from and what kind of fingers each of them suit.

  1.       Round- If you want to keep your nails short but still create an illusion of longer fingers, then round nails should be your go-to look. Round shape is essentially short with slightly curved edges. It makes your fingers look slender and wide nail beds look thinner. This shape is classic, versatile and needs very low maintenance. All shades of nail lacquers, from dark, light, bright, to neutrals look great on round nails. 
  2.       Almond- A nail shape that looks great on everyone, almond shape has slender sides and is tapered toward the tip. Thanks to its elongated shape, the silhouette looks great on both thin and long nails as well as nails with wider beds.

  1.       Square- Perfect for long and narrow nail beds, square nails can be done for both short and long nails. Square nails are particularly flattering for slim and slender fingers as they give a slightly widening effect. Square nails can be perfectly paired with striking and bold colours, high-shine polish and experimental nail art. Square nails are low maintenance as they break less easily than other silhouettes.
  2.       Squoval- This universal shape looks good on everyone! Being a combination of square and oval, it is basically the best of both worlds. Squoval is extremely easy to maintain for short nails.
  3.       Oval- Oval is somewhat like an almond shape but a tad bit blunt and rounded from the free edge. Ideal for medium to long length, it makes wider fingers look slimmer and gives an elongated effect. 
  1.       Coffin/Ballerina- As the name suggests, it is in the shape of a coffin. Slim, long and squared off at the tip. A nail shape perfect for acrylics and gel extensions. Ballerina shape is very similar to a coffin except it has softer sides whereas the coffin has very angled sides. This edgy design requires regular upkeep and should only be opted for if you have strong and sturdy nails. Thin and brittle nails would break very easily in this shape.  Neutral tones and matte nail paints look great on this shape.
  2.       Stiletto- If you want a statement nail shape on your long nails, the stiletto shape can be created. It has a pointed tip and suits short fingers as they create length. Stiletto is recommended to be created with acrylics or if you have very strong nails.


Here you go, do try an experiment with these shapes and see which is the most flattering fit for you! 

Article by Ananya Jain


Team Gush

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