Meet All Our Nail Paints!

Meet All Our Nail Paints!

Meet next-gen nails that revolutionise your mani game!💅🏼 High shine, long-lasting, nail polishes in a range of gender-neutral colors and finishes.🌈

Gush’s nail lacquers are the killer look to keep everyone shook!😳

Gush’s nail lacquer is super safe to use and is free from:



❌12 FREE
(Chemicals like formaldehyde, parabens, fragrances, phthalates, toluene and xylene etc.)

How Do I Use It?🧐
The easiest nail paints to apply, let our brush do all the work!🥰
Apply a single coat as base and let dry. Apply the second coat and let dry and voila! Perfect nails every time!❤️

What makes Nail Lacquer Gush worthy?🫶🏽

Intense gloss & color pay off: I mean what else are nail paints for? It’s a buildable formula so layer up or down as you like!🤩

Easy to apply & superrr easy to remove: Basically it’s got a gel-like finish that comes off easily with nail polish remover.😚

Less peeling & chipping: Who likes chipped nail paints? NOONE. Which is why we wanted to make it super beginner friendly and sturdy.💅🏼

Okay and what about the shades?
Our nail lacquers come in 11 gorgeous and versatile colours that you can pick and choose as you please!

💅🏼 Berry Blue- A gorgeous pale blue!

💅🏼 Frosted Vanilla- A full coverage white

💅🏼 Lavender Love- A stunning muted purple

💅🏼 Candied Pear- The Pinterest perfect sage greenBerry

💅🏼 Fro Yo- Our midnight dark blue

💅🏼 Zesty Lime - The perfect neon Yellow.

💅🏼 Peppermint Swirl- THE classic red.

💅🏼 Grape Pop- A mauve moment.

💅🏼 Black Currant- Pitch dark black.

💅🏼 Raspberry Slushy- The candy pink we love


💅🏼 Orangesicle- A refreshing neon orange

Try them all and see how’ll never switch to other polishes again!🫶🏽


Team Gush

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