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Article: The Ultimate Lipstick Guide for the Clueless

The Ultimate Lipstick Guide for the Clueless
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The Ultimate Lipstick Guide for the Clueless

Clueless about lipsticks and how to find the right colour, finish and texture? Don’t worry, I’m here as your lipstick fairy godparent. ;) 

This is your ultimate lipstick guide for 2022.  Let’s make sure our lipstick looks amazinggg and lasts through storms. 👄

No More Crusty Lips 💋

Masks and lipsticks don’t go hand in hand…until they do! Liquid lipsticks are perfect to wear under masks, but..yk the cracked & chapped liquid lipstick effect. Nope.

But you can make your lipstick last all day and also not make your lips feel dry as a desert. 

The key is the way you prep your lips. Use a warm towel on your lips to remove dead skin cells. This works like a charm. You don’t need to buy a lip scrub!! 

Now apply a layer of your face moisturiser (trust the process) to hydrate your lips. Add vaseline or any occlusive balm on top. This traps the moisture. Voila!

Glossy for Days ✨

Glossy lips are in & thriving! Do you love the shine, but hate the lasting power? Glossy lips are tricky to ace, but we have a tip for you. 

Line your lips w your trusty lip liner and fill them with the same as a base. 

Now set the lip liner with a powder! Say whattt? Yes, use a similar-toned eyeshadow to set it. Lock the pigment in. 

Use gloss only in the centre of your lips for that plump shine without the messiness and this’ll make it last so much longer. You’re welcome. 💗

Cooking the Custom Shade

Finding the right shade of lipstick is like picking an outfit to wear for the day. Sometimes it feels like you have nothing to wear, but colour sciene helps. 

In our world, we mix & match! Using two lipsticks can give you that 3D look.  

Don’t give up on that lipstick that’s too bright or light for you. You can find some use! Try mixing bright shades with more muted tones to tone them down. 

Or mix a little bit of the bright lipstick to add life to a v dull lippie. Two wrongs can make a right. ;)

And and we lovveee using eyeshadows on top of lipsticks to change the tone! You can create the nude shade of your dreams, yourself, with a little bit of eyeshadow.  


Team Gush <3

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