What honestly helped my acne journey! (Actual testimonial)

What honestly helped my acne journey! (Actual testimonial)

Hi bffs! How are you guys today?💗

I am currently interning here at Gush Beauty and I wanted to share with you my tips and tricks I picked up on my 7 year acne journey! 💆🏻‍♀️

How many times have you heard ‘drink more water and you’ll be fine’ or ‘you need to stay hydrated and it’ll all go away on its own! And well, it doesn't!😥 Acne is a complex thing! Water totally helps all your systems in your body and yes you should stay hydrated but it is not an all time solution for acne, you know otherwise a lot of us wouldn't have it! There are different reasons for it! For me, it’s a combination of reasons: It’s genetic, I aggravated it with a lot of my habits and now it’s hormonal!


Here’s everything that I have learned!

  1. ALWAYS REMOVE YOUR MAKEUP! ❌ This clears all the impurities that can settle into your skin and cause more clogged pores! Link to my favourite makeup remover!
  2. DRINK A LOT OF WATER! 💧 Not a solution but yes stay hydrated! 
  3. EAT BETTER! Some foods actually do trigger acne! I’ve had hormonal acne the last few years so reducing dairy intake has helped! This does not mean avoid curd or buttermilk because these actually have health benefits but it does mean to reduce your ice cream intake! Indulging is never frowned upon but if it’s more than twice a week it’s likely affecting your skin! 
  4. ICING!I🧊 love love love what ice does for me! On a freshly washed face, wrap ice cubes in a thin cloth and apply it to your pimple! This helps with pain, inflammation and I love how it feels! I’ve started the day with my face in a bowl of ice for 10-20 seconds! It feels soooo refreshing! 
  5. BE CAREFUL WITH MASKS!😷A new cause of acne are masks! There’s also a term for it mascne! These masks irritate our skin but we of course have to wear them! The main solution to this would be to wear DART ITS, these are effective acne patches that protect the bacteria from your skin getting onto the mask and vice versa which causes more acne! Read here for more tips: 
  6. A SOLID SKINCARE ROUTINE! 💆🏻‍♀️For healthy skin, I use eye cream, hyaluronic acid serum, moisturizer, and sunscreen! Never ever skip sunscreen! On my lazy or sad days, I just have a step routine- sunscreen!  
  7. SKINCARE-infused makeup-🤩 Why not have something working on your skin while wearing makeup? That’s why I love Gush! Another makeup related tip: use your hands instead of brushes to apply makeup and wash your hands! 
  8. MEDICINES 💊DO WORK BUT they’re not the only factor! We need to have a balanced lifestyle! For me topical medications such as clindamycin and nadifloxacin have worked and I’ve taken some tablets as well but I always noticed reactions when my lifestyle was unbalanced! 
  9. EXERCISE 🏋🏻‍♀️but of course wash your face before and after! We do not want any buildup!
  10. PATIENCE… It’s frustrating I know but to trust it will work out is sometimes the most important factor 

I truly hope what I’ve learned these last few years helps you!<3

Stay Gushing! 


Team Gush

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