Y2K Beauty: Here’s everything you need to know about this nostalgic trend!

Y2K Beauty: Here’s everything you need to know about this nostalgic trend!

Y2K beauty is back and it’s more fun than ever! We’ve got refreshed Y2K looks with all the 2022 feels. After the last few years of uncertainty, it is no wonder we’re looking to our past as a means of a fun escape. 💖

We’ve seen the beauty world pay an ode to all the decades from futuristic 60s looks to back-to-the-basics 90s looks. It has now come close to taking a full circle: we’ve arrived at the 2000s aka Y2K beauty! 🥰

Defining the Y2K beauty aesthetic is easy: it’s all about taking a very light-hearted and fun approach to your look. Filled with colours, metallics, colour-coordinated everything from your headband to your shoes and a bunch of other cute details! There’s less focus on the perfectionism that has taken over our lives—something we here at Gush really appreciate. It’s all about having fun with your looks! 🧡

Here are a few celebrities who have hopped on this nostalgic trend.

  1. Here, we see Lizzo wearing Y2K hair clips to the Grammy Awards. Grab your colourful clips! I have! 💜
  1. Barbie Ferreira spotted wearing powder blue eyeshadow. The lighter colours like mellow green, this powder blue, lilac, pink are all here to stay! 

     2. Here’s my favourite one! Now unless you’ve been living under a rock, you'll know that the butterfly was a defining symbol of the 1990s and Y2K fashion and beauty. I think the blumarine spring 2022 Primavera Estate collection speaks to how back is Y2K beauty! Here’s the makeup spin on it: Butterfly liner. Another nod to the trend—wearing a winged out black liner along her top lash line with butterfly blue along her waterline is Hailey Bieber! 

Oh and the braids! Now this post is the poster child for a refreshed look on Y2K beauty! 

Since Y2K is all about nostalgia and I am really feeling it, let’s look at some of the iconic Y2K looks that might inspire you from right here at home— Bollywood and Y2K as seen by the two ultimate icons!- Aishwarya Rai Bachan and Kareena Kapoor Khan! 

Metallics, Metallics, Metallics! From Metallic Lipstick to Metallic Eyeshadow- A very significant trend! Metallic eyeshadow has certainly made a comeback as we see in Euphoria and in the famous MakeupbyMario palettes and Hung Vann Go’s red-carpet looks (both renowned celebrity makeup artists), but will the lipstick? 

 Matching Headbands

 Cute right? While matching headbands is an amazing Y2K staple, I want to bring to your attention the other detailed colour coordination! In Pooh’s looks, we see matching everything from her eye makeup, to her outfit and shoes, and beyond that to accessories like her chokers and sunglasses! 


Y2K looks are a way to bring out your creativity, express your individuality and embrace your ridiculously fun side! So give it a go girlies! 



Team Gush

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